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High Blood Pressure: Symptoms & Causes

Εarly diagnosis is the key to treating hypertension


The heart of Mediterraneo now beats in the Cyclades!

The new polyclinic - diagnostic center Mediterraneo First Care - Santorini is here to reinforce the presence of Mediterraneo Healthcare Group in Greece!


Mediterraneo First Care Dentistry Department

The Denistry Department of Mediterraneo First Care provides dental services in a modern, well-equipped and friendly environment.


Mediterraneo First Care For Children

Taking care of the future


Mediterraneo First Care

The new healthcare standard

First Care by Mediterraneo Hospital

Having introduced the unique “Boutique Hospital” concept for the first time in Greek Healthcare, Mediterraneo Hospital now brings us another innovation: the creation of a group practice for primary healthcare services housed in the City Plaza Shopping Center in Glyfada.

This vision is supported by modern and elegant premises, aspiring to create a new model in the construction and operation of Primary Health Care Units.
The space is full of light, with pops of color and an outstanding sea view.

Mediterraneo First Care services are directly linked to those of Mediterraneo Hospital. These services are based on international clinical guidelines on the implementation of secure information systems and on the use of advanced supportive tools.

With the launch of Mediterraneo First Care, we aim to increase our presence in the Healthcare sector, to add new services, improve our communication with the public and finally, to share a unique experience with them.

Internal Medicine

Personalized treatment for every patient.


High level services in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

Center of Metabolic Diseases

Diagnosis and surgical treatment for neural system ailments.


Innovative techniques, highly specialized doctors, state-of-the-art equipment.


Treatment of a broad range of skin diseases.


Prevention is the mainstay in current gastroenterology.


The Dentistry Department provides a wide range of dental procedures.


Full coverage of every diagnostic and therapeutic need.


High quality laboratory tests within an iconic shopping center.


State-of-the-art technology and experience in the service of women with safety and care.

Diet & Nutrition

Clinical cases management and provision of personalised dietary instructions.


Diagnosis and treatment for all eye conditions with an emphasis on high quality medical services.

First Care Facilities

State-of-the-art facilities in the heart of the Athenian Riviera. Mediterraneo First Care has taken measures to ensure that its spaces are accessible to people with disabilities and the elderly.

Primary health care centers within shopping centers is really common worldwide, as they provide easy access to the patient who can combine health services with other activities.


Mediterraneo First Care Santorini

After introducing the “Boutique Hospital” concept for the first time in Greek Healthcare, and creating Mediterraneo First Care in Glyfada – AthensMediterraneo Hospital now inaugurates a polyclinic – diagnostic center in Santorini, housed in a building in harmony with the Cycladic architecture.

Staffed with specialized medical teams and equipped with cutting-edge technology, Mediterraneo First Care Santorini meets all the requirements of a modern Primary Healthcare center, where permanent residents as well as visitors of this unique island can seek high-quality medical care.

Mediterraneo Hospital

Mediterraneo Hospital is a private hospital, located in Glyfada, in the region of the “Athenian Riviera”.

Mediterraneo hospital’s 164 nursing beds and more than 25 medical specialties cover a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic treatments.

The key element in our boutique hospital concept are boutique services tailored to the needs of every patient, provided by elit medical teams and based on high-quality medical technology and cutting edge equipment.


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